Dr. Jill always knew she wanted to be a physician.  She attended the University of Arizona on scholarship for her prior scholastic performance and received her degree with honors in Molecular and Cellular Biology.  Having worked in a medical laboratory during her undergraduate training, it became very clear to Dr. Jill that she much preferred working with people and their individual stories, rather than only looking at their numbers.  She went on to receive her medical degree from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, known for their pivotal patient-centered and holistic approach to medicine.  She then completed a Family Medicine internship, residency, and board certification in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. Jill practiced Family Medicine for the first ten years of her private practice in Northern California and then pursued Advanced Certification in Age Management Medicine and Hormonal Optimization.  She found this field so rewarding, forward-thinking, and life changing for not only her patients but herself personally, that she transitioned all of her energy and focus into it as her primary field of medicine.  She became known as “THE hormone doctor of the town”, and was recruited to Beverly Hills to expand her practice to Southern California.  She has now been voted as LA Magazine’s Top Doctor in Preventive Medicine for the third year in a row, and has not only a local presence but speaks internationally as well.  


Dr. Jill’s unique approach is also her greatest strength…the ability to listen.  The first thing she always asks of her patients is “Tell me your story”.  Everyone is different with where they choose to start, but each story a patient tells, she is able to glean all the information she needs, as well as guide her patient to dig deeper and actually become more in tune with their own body’s messages.  She seeks to empower her patients to get more in touch with their own body awareness, to be able to take an active role in achieving optimal results.  Having had her own “Hormonal Awakening”, she takes a very personal interest in wanting this experience for her patients as well, helping them “wake up” to their own lives.


Dr. Jill’s approach is very unique, in that she combines her traditional medical training, along with her personal/professional experiences, and the most cutting edge and up to date treatments.  She is continuously refining and evolving her approach to stay current with the most cutting edge, advanced technology as it becomes available on the market. She frequently attends industry networking events, seminars, and conferences for this reason, sharing her expertise with others as she also gathers new skills, information, and approaches to achieving optimal results for her patients.  For her, and for her patients, it’s about truly THRIVING in all aspects of life, not just surviving.


As a specialist in Age Management Medicine and Hormonal Optimization, I have made it my life’s work to help women (and men!) RECLAIM their sense of Self, JUICINESS, Edge, and Vitality. I help people fully realize, embrace, and CELEBRATE their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual health and vitality! 

My goal is to help people find that “inner sparkle” in their eyes…to discover their true passion and purpose in life, and then make it come to life! 

These three KEY statements are what I strive for with my clients:

  1. It’s never too late, and you’re never too old to create a different ending to your story!
  2. Forget “Aging gracefully”, because it’s not about “getting through it”, you deserve to age AMAZINGLY and live a truly “Juicy” life, at any age, or any stage!
  3. Ditch the “Plan” and let life amaze you!