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A more youthful appearance starts with the face, but not everyone is a candidate or has the downtime or desire for a surgical facelift or necklift.  At Emerage Medical, we offer a wide selection of facial rejuvenation treatments, and one excellent option for tightening the cheeks, lower face/jowls, and neck area is a thread lift. Thread lifts are a non-surgical, minimally invasive alternative to a traditional facelift for tightening and improvement in texture of the skin.

NovaThreads is one of several thread products used by board-certified dermatologist and skin tightening expert Dr. Jason Emer. He uses this remarkable surgical alternative to gently lift sagging skin on the face and neck, treat acne scars and volumize lips, with visible results that can last up to a year.

According to the manufacturer, NovaThreads can be used to create subdermal “scaffolding” in order to support tissue, or to delicately lift tissue and reposition the skin and recreate its lost shape.

Dr. Emer’s facial thread lift is quick and gentle, with excellent, natural-looking results, minimal downtime, no scarring and no surgical intervention.

How does it work?

NovaThreads are extremely fine, colorless threads that can lift, contour and volumize the skin. Made from an organic, dissolvable material called PDO (Polydioxanone), NovaThreads can be smooth, twisted or barbed for different applications. Dr. Emer begins each NovaThreads procedure by identifying, marking and applying topical anesthetic to the desired treatment areas, and then selecting the right threads for your procedure.

NovaThreads can be smooth, twisted or barbed. Each type is used to achieve different results.

Some NovaThreads come preloaded on fine needles while others are manually threaded through the interstitial tissue – parallel to the surface of the skin – using a cannula. This allows Dr. Emer to precisely direct where the lifting and tightening will occur. Smooth threads that are preloaded on baby-fine needles work to improve the texture of the skin and fine crepe skin such as around the mouth, under eyes, on the lips or neck, as well as on the elbows and knees. These do not lift the tissue, instead they create a structure that supports the skin and promotes gradual tightening over time through long-term collagen production.

NovaThreads are threaded horizontally through the dermis, allowing Dr. Emer to gently manipulate the skin to create a smoother, more taut appearance.

Over the course of a few months, the sutures dissolve and stimulate collagen production, which lifts and repairs the skin, creates additional volume and reduces the appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, folds, and indentations.

NovaThreads for non-surgical facial lifting

NovaThreads can provide natural-looking facial rejuvenation for clients who do not want or need a full surgical facelift. In this procedure, Dr. Emer uses barbed NovaThreads to gently lift the facial skin to a new elevation point, restoring a more taught and youthful appearance.

It’s here that Dr. Emer’s skill and artistry are critical to obtaining great results. He knows precisely how to place and pull the threads in such a way that they don’t pinch or overlap, and he uses just the right number of threads to achieve a natural look. After applying the main threads, he then uses smaller needles loaded with smooth baby threads to plump and build collagen in key places.

This same-day, in-office procedure offers immediate results that improve even more in 6 to 12 weeks as the threads dissolve and collagen rebuilds.

NovaThreads to treat acne scars

NovaThreads are an excellent option for treating a wide range of acne scarring. After lasering for redness, Dr. Emer uses smooth NovaThreads made from a very fine, thread-like material and applies them using thin needles. This application technique creates a kind of crosshatched “scaffold” just underneath the skin of the face or body.

This is sometimes referred to as a “spider web” facial, and the needles are removed as soon as they are all inserted. What they leave behind is a mesh of PDO threads that support the skin and stimulate new collagen production as they dissolve. The application process is quick and painless, as you can see in the video above, and the results take effect quickly.

For acne in particular, Dr. Emer recommends a combined treatment program for optimal results, which can include CO2 laser resurfacing, microneedling with PRP, RF microneedling, Halo laser and Bellafill for scarring.

NovaThreads for lip enhancement

NovaThreads can also be used to complement lip fillers. For this procedure, Dr. Emer inserts tiny, corkscrew-shaped NovaThreads directly into the lips. These twisted threads lift and evert the lips, giving them enhanced definition that can last up to 6 to 9 months. The results are subtle and natural-looking.

How long do NovaThreads improvements last?

NovaThreads stay in place for about 4 to 6 months as they dissolve new collagen is formed, lifting and tightening tissue as well as improving the texture of the skin. Many patients see their results last for a year or more, but treatment results vary depending on the type and number of PDO threads used, your body’s unique response to the product(s) and your commitment to your aftercare regimen.

Depending on your specific aesthetic goals and the part(s) of the face treated, Dr. Emer may recommend any number of additional facial sculpting procedures. These might include temporary dermal fillers such as BellaLift, Juvederm or Restylane; semi-permanent fillers such as Bellafill and Radiesse; or permanent solutions such as silicone injections or fat grafting.

How does Dr. Emer do it differently?

One thing Dr. Emer does differently is to draw on his expertise and experience to recommend combined therapies for better results. He may, for example, combine NovaThreads with other skin tightening methods and complementary treatments, such as a Silhouette InstaLift. In this video, Dr. Emer combines a Silhouette InstaLift on the lower face with NovaThreads along the marionette lines to achieve optimal results. Depending on your unique needs, he may suggest combining NovaThreads with other treatments, such as:

  • Injectable fillers for enhanced volume
  • Renuvion helium plasma radiofrequency for an improved Non-Surgical Facelift
  • Radiofrequency energy devices (such as Thermage, InMode BodyTite / FaceTite), ultrasound energy devices (such as Ultherapy), and microneedling RF devices (such as Fractora and Morpheus8) for enhanced skin tightening
  • Fractional lasers such as Fraxel and Halo for further skin textural improvements
  • Ablative lasers such as Erbium and CO2 for skin resurfacing and enhanced collagen production
  • Patient-tailored peels and skincare protocols

What is the downtime and is it painful?

NovaThreads are an in-office procedure with very little downtime. Rather than injections, Dr. Emer uses topical anesthetic and cold compresses, and patients can drive themselves home or back to work directly after their visit. There is very minimal pain or discomfort during treatment with NovaThreads and the entire process usually takes just 30 to 45 minutes. It is recommended that patients anticipate up to two weeks for thread entry points to heal and bruising and swelling to subside. The threads themselves dissolve beneath the skin entirely within a few months.

Basic aftercare involves keeping the treated area clean and not disturbing it for about a week, and carries an extensive collection of professional-grade dermatological products that can assist with healing and maintaining results. We recommend LAMELABO Gel Cleanse and Sente Contour Pressed Serum, which together can cleanse, tighten and restore volume to the skin to support your NovaThreads results.

Are there any risks involved?

NovaThreads are a minimally invasive procedure with a very low risk of scarring, bleeding, severe bruising or other complications, particularly when performed by a skilled and meticulous board-certified dermatologist like Dr. Jason Emer. In rare cases, patients may experience irritation, infection or their sutures becoming visible under their skin. However, if this occurs, the sutures can simply be removed and the patient’s face will return to its prior state.

Am I a good candidate?

A formal evaluation by an experienced cosmetic dermatologist is needed to determine if you are a good candidate for NovaThreads. NovaThreads procedures are minimally invasive and offer a range of benefits, from repairing scars to fighting signs of aging. Patients with significant skin sagging and/or thin skin may not be ideal candidates for a NovaThreads lifting procedure and may require surgical lifting to see their desired results.

In those instances, Dr. Emer has a number of board-certified plastic surgery partners who perform facelifts, neck lifts and transformative body lifts.


How do I schedule a thread lift consultation with Dr. Emer?

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