Aesthetics & Skin Care

Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Perfect skin is no accident; it is the result of long-term care and consistent maintenance. Dr. Jason Emer, a board-certified dermatologist and renowned expert in state-of-the-art skin treatments, has assembled a dedicated team of aestheticians and skin care specialists, all of whom are equipped with the scientific knowledge, hands-on experience, and specialized training necessary to repair, restore and rejuvenate your skin—and empower you to take an active role in your skin care.

Our esteemed aestheticians and skin care specialists work directly with Dr. Emer to develop customized skin care protocols to prepare the skin before cosmetic procedures, treat chronic skin conditions, and heal and nourish the skin following office procedures such as peels and laser treatments. These custom protocols can also promote collagen remodeling and long-term textural improvements when employed as part of a daily regimen. As with all of the treatments we offer in our practice, we believe in the power and efficacy of customized combination treatments; to obtain optimal outcomes, we frequently combine cosmeceuticals with facials, peels, microneedling, injectables, growth factors and peptides, lasers, and radiofrequency treatments to improve the life and appearance of your skin forever.


The perfect complement to laser procedures, microneedling has become Dr. Jason Emer’s most popular treatment in the pursuit of skin rejuvenation and aging prevention. Microneedling is a quick, minimal-downtime procedure that allows for significant enhancement in skin texture, pore size, complexion, acne, melasma, pigmentation, scarring, wrinkles, dark circles beneath the eyes, and numerous skin imperfections.

Using a portable handheld device, Dr. Emer, his nurses, and his physician assistants penetrate the desired areas with miniature needles, triggering fine pinpoint bleeding and stimulating new collagen production. When paired with radiofrequency (Microneedling RF), heat energy is simultaneously delivered to the sublayers of the skin, eliciting skin tightening and aiding in collagen production. Dr. Emer also uses microneedling as a post-laser treatment—in combination with topical cosmeceuticals, natural growth factors, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and stem cells (Acell)—to improve the outcome of the procedure, activate skin healing, reduce redness, and assist with absorption of the nutrients, topicals and PRP.

Vampire Facial / Microneedling with PRP

The next generation of our popular microneedling treatment, the Vampire Facial incorporates platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells (ACell) to produce enhanced cosmetic results and to further improve complexion, texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Jason Emer and our highly experienced staff often combine microneedling with PRP or the Vampire Facial with lasers and radiofrequency treatments to address scars, pores, and pigmentation and to stimulate collagen production.

The PRP used in our treatments is a high concentrate of protein derived from the blood; blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a tube that, once spun in a centrifuge, separates natural growth factors and stem cells from red blood cells. In addition to helping our patients maintain a fresh, youthful appearance, PRP and stem cells can also be injected into the hair to promote stronger, thicker hair and hair regeneration; into the penis for improved erections and orgasms; and into the vagina for heightened stimulation and rejuvenation. This “Liquid Gold” solution has countless benefits, including addressing localized conditions such as acne, wrinkles, cellulite, and sun damage.

MicroChannel Infusion Therapy

The benefit of a superficial microneedling device, such as the AquaGold Fine Touch, is its unique ability to deposit precise microdroplets of customized bioactive compounds into the epidermis—the uppermost surface of the skin—to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, brighten the skin, and achieve targeted, patient-specific results, such as pore, redness, pigment and acne reduction. With a plethora of benefits, MicroChannel Infusion Therapy such as AquaGold Fine Touch can accompany any treatment as a “finishing touch” and often follows laser procedures to optimize skin texture improvements.

Dr. Jason Emer and our expert staff employ their extensive experience and vast scientific knowledge to create customized blends that incorporate fillers, neuromodulators, and beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and plumpers.

  • Ideal for dull skin, the Bio Flash Vitamin Matrix uses amino acids to stimulate protein synthesis and encourage tissue regeneration.
  • The Neuromodulator Blend with Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin, decreases oil and sweat gland activity, improves blood flow to reduce redness, tightens the skin, and minimizes enlarged pores.
  • For patients with aging, crepey or photoaged skin, our proprietary Facial Tightening Solution is the perfect complement to deep radiofrequency skin tightening treatments as it stimulates collagen and fibroblast production in the superficial layers of the skin.
  • A combination of 108 different vitamins and nutrients as well as Botox and dermal fillers, our Ampule Infusion blend is best for superficial skin rejuvenation, milia reduction, redness and sun damage improvement, acne control, and skin cancer prevention.

The SaltFacial

Thanks to the emergence of countless salt spas, salt rooms and salt caves, it’s now popular knowledge that pressurized, medical-grade sea salt has natural healing capabilities and proven benefits for numerous conditions, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis. At our practice, Dr. Emer and our skilled aestheticians employ this naturally restorative ingredient as part of a one-of-a-kind combination treatment to “supercharge” skin cells without any skin trauma. In the 3-step SaltFacial process, we remove dead tissue through light exfoliation; replenish the skin with advanced ultrasound energy technology and customized, nourishing topicals comprised of antioxidants, vitamins and actives; and then rejuvenate the skin through LED Light Therapy, which reduces redness, eliminates bacteria, and stimulates healing through decreased inflammation and collagen production. Dr. Emer typically precedes every laser, radiofrequency, microneedling, filler or peel treatment with a SaltFacial in order to remove oil and debris and allow for deeper penetration of the energy or chemical treatment.

Our new Salt & Sizzle Treatment combines the benefits of the SaltFacial with a “Sizzle Mask”: a proprietary combination of lightening agents, vitamins, antioxidants and exfoliators that hydrate the skin and provide an instant glow. The Salt & Sizzle is an ideal treatment for patients with oily skin as well as those with acne and rosacea.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are a highly common and recommended skin treatment—both as a standalone and an “add-on”—which involves the application of a customized chemical solution to the skin, prompting a gradual peel of the treatment area and resulting in new, smoother skin. The advantage of consulting with a cosmetic dermatologist, such as Dr. Jason Emer, is ensuring that your skin type, your history of skin treatments, the overall condition of your skin, and your ultimate aesthetic goals are all taken into consideration when determining the best chemical peel (as well as the ideal strength and combination of ingredients) to meet your unique needs.

Dr. Emer and our team of expert aestheticians use an assortment of peels to treat several chronic skin conditions, such as melasma and hyperpigmentation, as well as acne scars, sun damage, and fine lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels are an excellent means of preparing the skin for laser resurfacing treatments and improving the outcome and viability of those procedures as well.

Cosmelan and Enlighten Peels

The gold standard leave-on peel, Cosmelan is one of the preferred methods of treatment for patients with melasma, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, burns and acne scars—particularly when used in combination with a skin care lightening and brightening protocol. Cosmelan is a non-inflammatory depigmentation treatment that induces the face to peel over the course of two weeks; this peel specifically targets pigmentation by inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme in the melanin (skin pigmentation) formation process. At the same time, Cosmelan accelerates cellular turnover to remove dead skin cells, lift pigment, soften texture, smooth the skin, and reduce pores and fine lines.

When used both before and after laser and radiofrequency procedures, peels like Cosmelan can decrease the risk of post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation from energy-based treatments, especially for those individuals with darker skin types and mixed ethnicities. A lighter version of Cosmelan, called Enlighten, was developed by Dr. Emer for those seeking less downtime or patients looking to peel more often to continue improvement; the Enlighten mask is a proprietary combination of hydroquinone, retinol, salicylic acid, kojic acid, arbutin, niacinamide, and vitamin C. Following a thorough consultation and analysis, Dr. Emer and our skilled aestheticians select the perfect peel and skin care protocol to prepare the skin, allowing the lasers to penetrate much deeper and resulting in a more effective treatment overall.


A customizable, medium-depth, oil-based peel, RevePeel is comprised of a unique combination of active ingredients—salicylic acid, lactic acid, TCA and phenol—that work together to simultaneously lighten the skin and provide deep exfoliation over the course of one to two weeks (depending on the strength of the peel), resulting in a brighter skin tone, reduced pore size, and improved overall texture and reduced sun damage. RevePeel is ideal for everything from regular skin maintenance (lower-strength, less concentrated protocols such as ReveFresh) to more significant skin exfoliation and improvement (more aggressive protocols like RevePeel Black Label, which contains an increased concentration of phenol) and can aid in the treatment of various skin conditions, including acne and acne scars, discoloration, sun damage, age spots, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Jason Emer and our expert team of aestheticians often schedule RevePeel treatments two weeks before or after laser, radiofrequency, microneedling, and microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (Vampire Facial) treatments for more rapid skin improvement. Lighter protocols, such as Enlighten or ReveFresh, are the perfect “rescue” peel to lighten sun damage and improve fine lines and wrinkles with minimal downtime.

LED Light Therapy

LED Light or Photodynamic Therapy employs targeted, UV-free LED lights—available in various wavelengths (or colors of light)—to offer multiple benefits and address a wide range of skin issues. Dr. Jason Emer and our experienced aestheticians customize each treatment to your unique goals in order to reduce inflammation and redness, energize and regenerate cells, build new proteins, and/or destroy acne bacteria. When used both before and after laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound, microneedling, and injectable filler treatments, LED Light Therapy can increase circulation and speed up the healing process (up to 150 to 200 times faster).

Using FDA-approved, cutting-edge LightStim technology, Dr. Emer is able to deliver this beneficial, natural light energy into the skin. Our LightStim “bed” is composed of more than 18,000 LED lights designed to rejuvenate, repair and re-energize every cell in your body. These lights are available in several different hues, allowing LightStim to treat a range of issues, including acne, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, sun damage, enlarged pores, age spots, eczema and psoriasis. Dr. Emer advises his patients to continue their LED treatments at home with the LightStim handheld system, an effective, portable device that, when used regularly, can increase collagen and elastin production, relieve muscle and joint pain, aid in healing or bruising following injection treatments, and decrease redness and pigmentation. While it is designed for all skin types, the LightStim handheld system is particularly beneficial for those suffering from acne, sun damage, scars, wrinkles, skin disorders, and arthritis.

Purchase the LightStim Handheld System for At-Home Use

Photodynamic Therapy is also an essential component of our popular SaltFacial skin renewal treatment. This final “rejuvenating” step in the SaltFacial system involves multiple wrap-around panels containing high-intensity LED lamps and colored lights in four distinct wavelengths. This powerful, targeted light energy can stimulate healing, reduce redness, and prompt dramatic improvements in acne, lymphatic drainage and the appearance of pigmented and vascular lesions.


As we age, volume loss, skin laxity, and repetitive muscle movements create wrinkles and folds throughout the face and body. To combat these natural signs of aging, Dr. Emer and our highly skilled aestheticians often employ Mesotherapy, a minimally invasive, “red carpet readiness” treatment. In concert with the right combination of skin care techniques, mesotherapy helps our patients achieve facial rejuvenation with little discomfort and zero downtime. A combination of hyaluronic acids, vitamins, fillers and neuromodulators are superficially “tapped” or implanted (rather than injected) into the desired area to hydrate the skin, shrink pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and restore that healthy, youthful skin texture. After a single treatment, our patients walk out of the office with plumper, firmer, and more radiant skin.

Thanks to its visible “plumping” effect, mesotherapy is a popular treatment to elevate depressed acne scars and is also used in combination with chemical peels and microneedling to enhance the results of multiple skin treatments. For the right patients, mesotherapy may even be used to achieve localized fat reduction; when injected into the desired area, the enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and proteins work collectively to dissolve the fat as well as tighten the skin.


An increasingly popular treatment for brides, entertainment personalities, or anyone in front of the camera, dermaplaning is a painless method of exfoliation that uses a 10-gauge scalpel to gently scrape away or exfoliate the outermost layer of skin, eliminating the dulling dead skin cells, pigmentation, and vellus hair (or “peach fuzz”) to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Conducted by Dr. Jason Emer and our highly skilled aestheticians, nurses and Physician Assistants, dermaplaning treatments allow for greater penetration of skin care products and deeper penetration of lasers and radiofrequency energy devices. Dermaplaning regularly and prior to energy-based procedures or peels can yield rapid stimulation of collagen production through cell turnover, thus improving fine lines and wrinkles, acne and acne scarring, pigmentation, and textural issues.  Dermaplaning also aids in creating a flawless canvas for makeup to be applied evenly and flawlessly; for this reason, some of our patients schedule their dermaplaning procedures on a bi-monthly or even weekly basis.

To achieve optimal skin exfoliation and aesthetic improvement, dermaplaning is combined with microneedling, enzyme peels or light chemical peels. Dermaplaning is ideal in preparation for or as a follow-up to laser treatments—particularly those that leave the skin with dead cells to exfoliate, such as Clear + Brilliant, Venus Viva, Intensif, and Fractora—as a means of removing dead skin and abnormal pigmentation and exfoliating the skin for new collagen production.

Pure Oxygen Infusion

This go-to red carpet treatment for celebrities and the Hollywood elite utilizes the “ECHO” approach: It Exfoliates, Cleanses, Hydrates, and Oxygenates to nourish and revitalize your skin cells. In the Pure Oxygen Infusion treatment, a customized combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are delivered to the deeper layers of the skin through a pure oxygen mist, which removes dirt and debris from pores and reduces signs of aging and sun damage.

Both a preventative and corrective skin care treatment, Dr. Jason Emer often employs Pure Oxygen Infusion therapy after ablative laser, CO2 laser, Erbium laser, or Renuvion (J-Plasma) skin resurfacing treatments in order to accelerate the healing process, destroy bacteria, and hydrate the new skin.


DermalInfusion, Dr. Jason Emer’s powerhouse 3-in-1 skin resurfacing treatment, effectively exfoliates, extracts and infuses treatment serums into the skin. Considering your unique skin type and skin care goals, Dr. Emer and our skilled aestheticians will select the proper microdermabrasion diamond tip and treatment solution to be used; these professional-strength serums target specific conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, oily skin, pore congestion, sun damage, age spots, and rough skin texture. Once the pores are flushed clean, the skin is infused with the targeted serums to help hydrate, clarify and brighten your skin, leaving you feeling radiant and rejuvenated.

The perfect “add-on” treatment, DermalInfusion is an excellent means of preparing the skin before peels, laser procedures, and radiofrequency treatments. Dr. Emer advises that his patients obtain DermalInfusion with microneedling twice per month in order to improve the texture and quality of their skin, reduce pore congestion, and shrink the pores.

Laser and Radiofrequency Skin Resurfacing

Similar to chemical peels and dermabrasion, skin resurfacing allows for dramatic enhancement to color, tone and texture by deeply heating and removing the outer skin layers. Using either a CO2 carbon dioxide laser, a Fraxel fractional laser, or an Erbium laser, energy is transmitted to the skin’s surface, and the damaged skin is removed through vaporization. Laser and radiofrequency (RF) skin resurfacing treatments are often combined with microneedling, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and Sculptra to obtain optimal aesthetic improvements.

A renowned cosmetic dermatologist and expert in countless laser and energy-based treatments, Dr. Jason Emer can achieve more significant facial skin resurfacing with Renuvion (J-Plasma), which utilizes RF plasma energy to heat and tighten the skin while simultaneously delivering cool helium plasma for an immediate cooling, protective effect. In the hands of Dr. Emer, this technique precisely ablates or burns the skin in a controlled way, allowing for high temperatures without the risk of burns or scars. Facial resurfacing with Renuvion (J-Plasma) stimulates collagen production, tightens loose skin, diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags, reverses sun damage and age spots, and provides overall improvement in tone and texture. To accelerate the healing process, Dr. Emer will often pair Renuvion (J-Plasma) treatments with targeted LED Light Therapy. After two to four weeks of downtime, our patients are healed from this rejuvenating treatment—with refreshed, clearer, tighter and more radiant skin that appears 5 to 10 years younger.