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360 HD Liposculpture is Dr. Jason Emer’s most sought-after, comprehensive approach to body transformation.

Traditional tumescent liposuction makes you slimmer, but 360 HD Lipo gives both men and women a level of body definition that’s simply unattainable with diet and exercise alone. Dr. Emer’s visionary approach leverages innovative technologies such as internal heating and skin tightening, along with expert skill to achieve dramatic yet natural-looking results that can last for years with proper maintenance.


Go Beyond With Dr. Emer

Going beyond traditional liposuction, 360 HD Lipo focuses on the entire body. This comprehensive treatment creates a more proportional body by addressing multiple areas at once, including the stomach/abdomen, sides/flanks, arms, thighs, buttock, chest/breast and back.

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Only Dr. Emer offers these types of


360 HD Lipo requires a combination of technique and skill that only Dr. Emer can offer, as well as advanced technologies such as radiofrequency or ultrasound to remove fat, tighten skin, create new body contours and repurpose fat (called fat grafting) to define muscles, soften cellulite and fix irregularities.

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Dr. Emer is known throughout the world as a leading medical artist and pioneer in cutting-edge, combination body contouring procedures that are both visually transformative and overall life-changing.

Dr. Jason Emer  uses a 4D approach to body shaping by combining multiple devices such as ultrasound (VASER) or laser (SmartLipo)-assisted liposuction along with hand and power-assisted (Power X or MicroAire) etching of the musculature. He also uses water-assisted (BodyJet) fat harvesting which gives him pure fat to transfer to muscles such as the chest, shoulders, and calves to give muscular size and definition or the buttock to help cellulite and improve shape and size.

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Patient Stories

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The Tailored Approach

Dr. Jason Emer creates a customized approach for every patient, whether it’s treating a combination or individual concerns, Dr. Emer has will develop a custom approach to your body and goals.

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The Elements of a Revolutionary Approach

This signature procedure achieves incredible results using energy-based devices and an individualized blend of fat removal, skin tightening, fat grafting, skin removal and augmentation.

Whether male or female, the result is an exceptionally toned, athletic appearance.

With his team of board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Emer can even combine 360 HD Liposculpture with significant body modifications, such as muscular implants, breast augmentation, body lifts, skin tucks and genital rejuvenation to help you achieve a true full-body transformation.


360 HD Lipo

For Men

Taking Male Enhancement to a New Level

360 HD Lipocontouring can treat multiple areas in men in one session, such as the stomach, sides/flanks, back, chest and arms, as well as remove thick, fibrous fat from hard-to-treat areas. Shoulders, biceps and arms can be intricately sculpted and defined through liposculpture and fat-grafting, while indentations, irregularities and scar tissue from “botched” procedures can also be cautiously improved.

The combination of procedures needed to achieve these life-changing results includes an individualized mix of fat removal, skin tightening, fat grafting, skin and breast gland removal, and/or muscular implants.


360 HD Lipo

For Women

Transform Your Body & Turn Back the Clock

Women are typically looking for slimmer, tighter body contours that are both proportional and natural-looking. They seek out Dr. Emer because of his expertise in creating perfectly curved hips, a slim waist, lifted buttocks and reduced cellulite, for a more youthful, feminine shape. Although the popular trend is to make voluptuous hips and buttock, Dr. Emer creates more natural, subtle changes that are still “snatched” at the waist but without looking overdone. Indentations, irregularities and scar tissue from “botched” procedures can also be cautiously improved through a combination of fat removal, internal heating and tightening, skin removal and fat grafting.

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Female Results

Discover Whether

HD Lipo

is Right for You

Clients seeking body definition beyond what they can achieve and maintain through dieting and exercise alone may find 360 HD Lipocontouring to be the perfect solution. Once the transformation is complete, the underlying body shape and new contours will be easier to maintain. As with all cosmetic procedures, clients should be in good overall mental and physical health and have realistic expectations for what treatment can and cannot accomplish.

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into “Beautiful”

Patients who aren’t happy with the results of previous procedures or who have been “botched” can also get dramatic improvements with 360 HD Lipo. Repairing “botched” surgeries is one of Dr. Emer’s greatest passions as he is one of the leading experts in revision procedures. For these, he uses a combination of lipocontouring, internal heating, skin removal or scar tissue release, and fat grafting to achieve improved outcomes.

Alex, a former model known for his incredibly fit and muscular body. With age and a busy career in real estate, Alex’s sought-after sculpted body slowly disappeared, leaving him dissatisfied and self-conscious. He wanted to make a life change and gain his confidence back.

Alex's Story

What to expect

What to expect

On The Day of Your Procedure

Dr. Emer meticulously marks your body to create a visual roadmap of everything he will do during your procedure.
Water-Assisted Body-Jet
Using a water-assisted Body-Jet, Dr. Emer hydrates fat with tumescent fluid, making fat cells easy to detach. Proper hydration also decreases the risk of swelling and bleeding, reduces pain and allows the fat cells to be more viable when removed for fat grafting.
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Next, ultrasonic VASERLipo dislodges clusters of fat cells while defining and sculpting the body through fat reduction and skin tightening. Unlike traditional energy-based lipo, ultrasonic liposuction steam heats beneath the surface of the skin to not only tighten loose skin, but also soften scar tissue and improve irregularities from previous procedures.
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Power-Assisted LIPOSUCTION
Using a power-assisted LIPOSUCTION device and custom cannulas, Dr. Emer extracts healthy, viable fat from the multiple pre-marked body areas and transfers it to a Puregraft microfiltration system to be cleansed and enriched prior to reinjection or fat grafting.
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The Puregraft system then clears the fat of blood, tumescent fluid and free lipids, then purifies it with stem cells or exosomes and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from your own blood. Dr. Emer then uses this enhanced fat to lift, shape and augment the body, prevent irregularities and disproportion, and achieve natural-looking results
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Go Beyond With Dr. Emer

Going beyond traditional liposuction, 360 HD Lipo focuses on the entire body. This comprehensive treatment creates a more proportional body by addressing multiple areas at once, including the stomach/abdomen, sides/flanks, arms, thighs, buttock, chest/breast and back.