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Breast Reduction
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Dr. Robert Cohen joins the Emer medical All-Star team of Hollywood’s best surgeons. He is a leader in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery dedicated to achieving his patients’ goals. Come in for a consultation and let us address your concerns and provide you with a customized plan to achieve the best results possible.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction patients tend to be ecstatic not only with their enhanced appearance and their improved physical wellbeing. After they have healed, our patients can wear trendy bras with thin straps, well fitted clothes, and they feel more comfortable performing exercises such as running. Many women who visit me for breast reduction describe this procedure as the lifting of a huge burden – literally! For me, it’s one of the most fulfilling procedures to perform, because it not only creates a more proportional, uplifted and youthful breast, it also grants them relief from the back, neck, and shoulder pain, bra strap grooving, skin irritation, and other physical complications that come with large, heavy breasts.

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There is so much more to breast reduction surgery than simply reducing the volume of the breasts. I let patients know that breast reduction is not a “one size fits all” type of surgery.

The techniques must be customized and applied specifically to each patient, and every patient has a different idea of what final size and appearance would make them happiest. I apply the same eye for detail and beauty to my breast reduction patients that I do for all of my aesthetic surgery patients.

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