Down Under

Love every inch of your body.

Rejuvenation begins with trust. After all, these are the most intimate, most sensitive parts of you. There must be trust in the procedure. Trust in a cosmetic dermatologist with the skill and the experience to see it through. Trust in his vision.

A reputable and revered pioneer in his field, Dr. Jason Emer creates a space in which conversations about tightening, appearance, size, sensitivity, and performance occur comfortably and confidentially. His innovative, focused approach to vaginal rejuvenation, penile enhancement, and anal rejuvenation is centered around you: non-invasive technologies, minimal downtime, and a painless, overwhelmingly positive experience. Dr. Emer places high value on honesty and communicates candidly about what his procedures entail and what he is able to accomplish. As always, it’s the discernible, often unimaginable results that set him apart from the competition. Dr. Emer is driven and dedicated to your special care and confidentiality.


Women of all ages have sought Dr. Emer’s renowned aesthetic expertise, his sensitive, non-invasive approach, and his mastery of rejuvenation to improve the look and feel of their vagina. Dr. Emer’s unique touch is a customized combination of radiofrequency, laser, fillers, and injectable bio-cellular healing treatments, such as growth factors and stem cells, that address tightness, dryness, appearance, sexual drive, stimulation—everything that stands between you and an unconditional love for your body.

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Enhanced sexual sensitivity and drive is not a myth. In the hands of Dr. Jason Emer and his trusted team, improved arousal and pleasure is possible and purely a matter of when. In this zero-pain, zero-downtime procedure, the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is injected into the clitoris and the G-spot, thereby increasing sensation and libido, improving dryness and sensitivity, and enhancing overall pleasure and desire.

A pioneer of results-driven combination procedures, Dr. Emer blends the “O” Shot with various non-invasive treatments—including radiofrequency heating, laser tightening and resurfacing, and stem cell and filler injections—to achieve immediate and long-lasting improvements. When it comes to vaginal rejuvenation and enhanced pleasure, trust in an expert at the forefront of sensitive cosmetic treatments.


Dr. Jason Emer’s inimitable approach to male sexual enhancement blends several state-of-the-art treatments to ensure noticeable and substantial results. Employing a proprietary combination of advanced procedures—from lasers and radiofrequency to shockwave and vibrational therapy—Dr. Emer dramatically improves penile sensitivity, strength and frequency of erections as well as sexual pleasure and stamina.

Penile girth, scrotal size and wrinkles, and the cosmetic appearance of the genitalia can be improved with a unique combination approach that includes injectable fillers, growth factors, and stem cells. With an innovative approach and vast scientific knowledge, Dr. Emer pushes boundaries in order to treat your sensitive concerns and improve your personal life.


Anal rejuvenation is long past taboo and addresses a range of concerns, including tightness, fissures, pigment lightening or bleaching, and wrinkle improvement. Dr. Emer creates a “designer” anus with the assistance of cutting-edge technologies and a custom-tailored combination of techniques, such as radiofrequency for tightening, Botox neuromodulation to improve sweating, chemical bleaching, and laser hair removal. Masterfully rejuvenating and reconditioning your backside, Dr. Emer produces vast improvements in color, tightness, sensitivity and overall appearance while simultaneously addressing all varieties of medical concerns. Your sexual well-being and satisfaction are Dr. Emer’s primary concern.