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Face lift

While a face lift traditionally lifts and tightens the skin and soft tissues of the face to reverse the aging process, this is not a singular procedure with a fixed protocol. In the hands of experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeons, a face lift is in fact a rejuvenation of the entire face and an intricate combination of both surgical and non-surgical procedures customized to each patient’s condition and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Jason Emer and his skilled plastic surgeons begin with a comprehensive consultation, carefully evaluating all parts of the face (the forehead, cheeks, eyes, nose, earlobes, chin, jawline and neck) to identify crepey skin, skin laxity or looseness, fatty pockets, and eye bags. We then seek out opportunities for limited incisions (to reduce downtime and scarring) and determine the optimal course of action to acquire a balanced, natural, aesthetic appearance. In severe instances of facial aging, our plastic surgery experts may recommend skin removal and recontouring of the deeper tissues of the face and neck to achieve extensive facial rejuvenation. Maintaining facial harmony is key when performing a surgical face lift; therefore, we often accompany this procedure with brow lifts, eyelid surgery, and other facial cosmetic surgeries. If needed, facial implants can be used to obtain a subtle yet dramatic transformation.

For patients with minor facial aging, subtle excess skin removal is paired with nonsurgical rejuvenation treatments—including energy-based facial resurfacing with Renuvion/J-Plasma, NovaThreads and Silhouette InstaLift for thread lifting and collagen stimulation, deep microneedling treatments with radiofrequency skin tightening, and long-term skin care maintenance—to produce significant improvements and a healthier, more youthful appearance. A renowned specialist in combination nonsurgical treatments, Dr. Emer advises his younger patients to obtain regular preventative treatments to not only improve skin texture, color, and tone but also to ward off the effects of aging.