Facial Implants

In addition to providing enhanced facial structure, balance and symmetry, Facial Implants can dramatically transform your appearance and reverse the signs of aging. With improved skeletal support, our patients appear younger and more refreshed, improving the longevity of their appearance and allowing them to age more gradually. Unlike facial filler injections—which are typically short-acting with minimal downtime—silicone implants are permanent, durable, reversible, and provide more dramatic results. Facial implants may be purchased as templates or customized depending on each patient’s facial structure, unique needs and desired outcome.

For patients who are not yet prepared to commit to a permanent implant, Dr. Emer is able to enhance facial features and conduct complete facial makeovers through nonsurgical, minimally invasive treatments, including soft tissue fillers, Sculptra injections, fat transfer, and stem cell and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Visit our Facial Sculpting page for more information about Dr. Emer’s unique approach to nonsurgical facial augmentation.