Facial Sculpting

Enhance your signature features with finesse

We communicate so much through our face: our attitude, thoughts, emotions, and of course our opinions of ourselves. Employing his artistry, skill and precision, Dr. Jason Emer produces extraordinary results with innovative facial sculpting and contouring techniques that carefully address each area of the face and inspire newfound confidence in his patients. Using safe, non-invasive approaches—including fillers, fat injections and collagen stimulators—and his own customized combination treatments, Dr. Emer is able to mold that prominent, chiseled jawline; to achieve sculpted, modelesque cheeks; to eliminate hollows and improve dark circles beneath the eyes; to fill sunken temples and lift sagging eyebrows; to create a more harmonious facial structure; and to undo or prevent the signs of aging.

Dr. Emer’s unique artistry is knowing when and where to use certain fillers, which combinations will be most effective, and how various parts of the face will respond to these treatments. His thorough understanding of the underlying anatomy of the face allows him to alter that anatomy safely and effectively. It’s this unparalleled expertise that creates subtle but substantial improvements and visible results.

Available Fillers and Treatments

Botox • Dysport • Xeomin • Radiesse • Belotero • Juvederm Ultra • Juvederm Ultra Plus •

Juvederm Voluma • Juvederm Volbella • Juvederm Vollure • Restylane Silk • Restylane Lyft •

Restylane Refyne • Restylane Defyne • Renuva • Revanesse Versa • Bellafill • Sculptra • Silicone •

Platelet-Rich Plasma • Stem Cell Therapy

Fine Lines
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Eyes & Eyebrows

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Acne Scar Plumping

Facial Fat Grafting

In the hands of Dr. Jason Emer, long-term improvements in facial volumization can be achieved through Facial Fat Grafting, a minimal-downtime procedure that repurposes a patient’s fat to lift, contour, shape and volumize. To extract fat gently and effectively, Dr. Emer employs low-pressure, VASER ultrasound energy-based and body-jet water-assisted harvesting methods to produce the cleanest, most viable fat. Once the fat has been processed using Puregraft ultrafiltration and enriched with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), growth factors, and A-cell stem cells derived from the patient’s own blood, Dr. Emer artfully injects the fat into the desired areas via a blunt-tipped cannula (as opposed to sharp needle), thereby reducing complications, bruising, and swelling.

As a complement to fillers (or when used in place of fillers), Facial Fat Grafting produces immediate, noticeable results, improving hollows, deep lines and wrinkles, sagging, irregularities, and volume loss in all areas of the face, such as the cheekbones, lips, chin, temples and earlobes. In instances of acne scarring, facial trauma, or botched procedures, Dr. Emer may accompany Fat Grafting with Sculptra or Bellafill injections to achieve a more dramatic outcome; for patients seeking a more athletic appearance, Dr. Emer transfers PRP-enriched fat directly to the muscles. Regardless of your specific goals, Dr. Emer provides subtle, long-term enhancements to create a more harmonious facial structure.

Harvested fat that is not used for grafting purposes can be stored and used at a later date to further build on the already improved outcome.

Sculptra: The Facial Sculpting Foundation

A renowned expert in both the techniques and complex science of facial sculpting, Dr. Jason Emer utilizes Sculptra, a Poly-L-lactic acid comprised of suture material, as a foundation for all sculpting procedures. A natural collagen stimulator, Sculptra is used in combination with fillers, fat grafting, and PRP to enhance facial features, lift tissue, tighten the skin, and reverse or prevent the aging process. Whether used on the face or elsewhere on the body, Sculptra is an essential component of Dr. Emer’s meticulous sculpting process.

Fillers: Lift, Contour & Volume

With an array of cosmetic fillers on his palette—all with their own distinct purposes and benefits—Dr. Emer puts his experience and unique artistry to work, crafting a patient-specific treatment plan to produce the desired facial sculpting results.

Using Sculptra as a base for collagen production, Dr. Emer employs “thicker” fillers for substantial volume increase or noticeable lifting in areas that tend to fall or droop as we age, such as the cheeks, temples, jowls, jawline and chin.  Following with “softer” fillers, Dr. Emer then focuses on the finer details: filling the hollows beneath the eyes, improving fine lines and wrinkles, contouring chin creases and dimples, and enhancing the lips. For patients with severe volume loss, facial trauma, or scars, Dr. Emer uses silicone-based fillers and Bellafill for considerable, long-term improvements. When used steadily and strategically, fillers not only “plump” but also achieve incremental enhancements in facial sculpting.

Fine Lines & Wrinkle Treatment

An authority on all facial rejuvenation methods and techniques, Dr. Emer understands that the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles is two-fold: textural improvements (achieved through lasers, microneedling with PRP, facial peels, and skin care) and preventative treatments with neuromodulator injections. One popular microneedling facial treatment, the AquaGold Fine Touch Ampule Infusion Treatment, deposits a customized blend of fillers, neuromodulators and vitamins to the surface of the skin, thereby improving fine lines and wrinkles, pores, and oiliness.

Under the care of an experienced cosmetic dermatologist like Dr. Emer, a custom-tailored combination of these approaches can produce lasting improvement in the softening of furrow lines, dimples, creases, “cobblestone chin,” and crepey skin, resulting in a tighter, younger, more rejuvenated appearance.

Eyelid & Brow Rejuvenation

As we age, our eyelids naturally sag and droop due to genetics, hormones, sun exposure—any number of causes entirely out of our control. As with any procedure, Dr. Emer approaches Eyelid Rejuvenation with an array of innovative, non-surgical treatment options, beginning with a neuromodulator Chemical Brow Lift (using Botox, Dysport or Xeomin) and filler injections to rejuvenate the temples, eyebrow, eyelid, eye troughs, upper eye hollows, and forehead.

From his vast experience, Dr. Emer understands that neuromodulators and fillers work best when used in combination with ultrasound treatments such as Ultherapy and thread lifting to lift the brow; with radiofrequency treatments such as Thermage followed by skin tightening laser treatments to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the skin; and with laser or superficial radiofrequency devices for improvements in texture, color, and crepey skin around the eyes. Of course, in circumstances where additional treatments are warranted, Dr. Emer will recommend safe surgical alternatives to achieve the desired results.

Dark Circles & Bags Beneath the Eyes

For those with prominent eye bags, dark circles, and crepey skin beneath the eyes, hiding behind sunglasses is no longer your only option. To achieve significant improvement in this sensitive area, Dr. Emer has crafted a multifaceted approach that begins with lifting the cheek areas with fat or injectable fillers and using internal threading to provide support to the under-eye. Through a carefully curated combination of laser treatments, radiofrequency devices, ultrasound skin tightening, microneedling, facial peels, PRP, and customized skin care, Dr. Emer is able to address various hyperpigmentation and textural issues.

While the surface is being treated, Dr. Emer employs “soft” fillers to volumize the hollows beneath the eyes. When injected in microdroplets, these fillers can improve the darkened, sunken appearance beneath the eyes as well as any wrinkles, lines and folds in the skin. For patients with “fat pads” or severe sagging beneath the eyes, Dr. Emer may suggest surgical alternatives to produce dramatic results with the aid of his team of expert plastic surgeons.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

For patients seeking improvements to their nose without surgical intervention, facial sculpting pioneer Dr. Jason Emer performs subtle, minimally invasive treatments that provide lift, create volume, straighten, contour, and correct irregularities in the nose with little to no downtime. It is critical for a cosmetic dermatologist with Dr. Emer’s level of artistry and expertise to perform this procedure; due to the sensitive nature of the area, there is always a high risk of vascular occlusion, skin necrosis, and permanent damage to the skin if not performed with care by an expert.

For optimal results, Dr. Emer will often complement nasal filler injections with neuromodulator treatments to the “bunny lines” along the nares and upper lip, which can indirectly improve the appearance of the nose; tip lifts, lip lifts, and nasal flare reductions for more significant improvements; and small aliquots along the bridge of the nose and lateral tip for straightening, contouring, and fine-tuning.

Lip Augmentation

When shaping, defining and volumizing the lips, it’s important to devise an individualized treatment plan that best suits you and your ultimate goals. A meticulous and methodical sculptor, Dr. Emer selects the fillers and techniques that will produce the specific results you desire. Dr. Emer uses fillers around all areas of the mouth to soften smile lines, lip lines, chin creases, and marionette lines—all while maintaining a natural look.

To achieve volume and definition in the lips without fillers, threads inserted along the border of the lips can provide immediate lift and shape, long-term collagen production, and fine line improvement. To address pigmentation and skin texture around the lips, Dr. Emer treats the area with lasers and radiofrequency devices as well as microneedling and facial peels. Lip lift surgery, which involves the removal of tissue beneath the nose and a lifting of the skin, can also dramatically improve the appearance of the upper lip.

Jawline Sculpting

The jawline is one of your most prominent facial features, providing contour to your profile and helping to lift the neck for a more youthful appearance. For patients seeking non-surgical jawline sculpting, Dr. Emer—a master of custom-tailored combination treatments—employs a blend of fat, PRP combined  with stem cells, Sculptra, fillers, and neuromodulator injections to shape and contour the jaw. Dr. Emer often accompanies these treatments with non-invasive ultrasound and radiofrequency devices to sculpt a masculine, chiseled jawline; a softer, more feminine jawline; or a more symmetrical appearance. Along with jawline sculpting, Dr. Emer also addresses the chin area to contour the entire length of the jawline and give the face a more balanced, defined, and sleek silhouette.

For additional enhancements to the jawline and neck, Dr. Emer may recommend Hi-Def 4D Liposculpture for fat reduction and sculpting; neck lifts, internal threading, and internal skin heating for lifting and skin tightening; and/or surgical jawline implants or buccal fat pad reduction for more dramatic improvements.