Hi-Def Liposculpture Beverly Hills

Life-altering, full body transformations

Dr. Jason Emer, a board-certified dermatologist, utilizes custom-tailored combination treatment that turns transformation into an art form. A combination in itself, Hi-Definition (Hi-Def) Liposculpture is a blend of Body Contouring and Liposculpture, involving a palette of techniques and medical devices that Dr. Emer has perfected over the course of his career to achieve astounding body transformations and correct botched procedures. His surgical expertise, artistic vision, and unparalleled precision result in a meticulously sculpted, thoroughly contoured body.

As with every procedure, Hi-Def Liposculpture begins with a one-on-one consultation to sketch a detailed blueprint: an individualized treatment plan that accounts for all of your concerns and desired results, whether it’s a more athletic appearance, defined abdominals, sculpted arms, a tighter waist, lifted, firmer buttocks, or overall improvement. Dr. Emer studies each problem area, creating a template for the various devices and procedures he will use to address the issues he observes. Using advanced imaging technology, Dr. Emer is able to share his insight and give you a glimpse into the near future—to the tighter, more sculpted body that he envisions.

At the start of the procedure, a numbing solution is introduced with a gentle, water-assisted device to hydrate the fat and separate the tissue from the muscle, allowing Dr. Emer to identify and easily remove problem areas of fat. Through a multi-modality approach—incorporating ultrasound-based, water-assisted, and power-assisted methods—Dr. Emer steam heats and disrupts the fat, breaks apart scar tissue, prompts skin tightening, and begins the intricate process of defining, etching and contouring.

Equipped with custom-designed cannulas that allow for the greatest precision, Dr. Emer extracts the cleanest, most viable fat possible, purifies it through Puregraft microfiltration, and enriches the fat with stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from the patient’s own blood. The fat is then used (or stored for later use) throughout the body to lift, shape, provide additional contour, improve definition, reduce dimples and cellulite, and camouflage indentations and irregularities from botched procedures.

This is what sets Dr. Emer apart: By combining multiple techniques at once, he is able to remove fat, tighten skin, define underlying muscles, remove scar tissue, and improve cellulite and indentations in a single procedure. All of these individual enhancements amount to a complete body reshaping.

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Once the unwanted fat has been removed, a combination of internal heating and skin tightening devices are applied to areas with loose skin and cellulite to create a shrink wrap effect. Through dimensional contouring, Dr. Emer performs 360-degree fat removal and skin tightening in all problem areas, thereby achieving the greatest contour and reducing skin sagging. If skin removal is needed due to significant skin laxity, Dr. Emer’s expert team of plastic surgeons will work simultaneously to remove and lift the excess skin, making every effort to minimize incisions and reduce downtime.

Dr. Emer then injects the filtered, purified, and enriched fat—marinated in stem cells and growth factors—into those areas where lift, volume and definition are desired, such as the chest, breasts, arms, shoulders, biceps, calves and buttocks. Throughout the procedure, Dr. Emer selects optimal entry points to minimize and disguise scars whenever possible; his work is most successful when it appears that his patients have had no “work” done at all.

In cooperation with his team of skilled plastic surgeons, Dr. Emer is able to perform various implants, lifts and tucks to achieve an even more enhanced, contoured, and sculpted body. Skin removal may be necessary for thinner patients with soft, loose skin who are poor candidates for liposuction alone — or for those patients who have had significant weight loss and now have skin sagging or loose skin but are seeking definition and contour.

While Hi-Def Liposculpture is often synonymous with “enhancement,” Dr. Emer is also highly invested in repairing botched procedures, irregularities, indentations, scarred down tissue, worsening cellulite, and poorly placed scars. Dr. Emer employs specialized combination techniques—including micro-focused liposuction, nano fat injections, internal skin tightening, scar tissue removal, and skin removal—to correct these imperfections and obtain dramatic improvements.

In the weeks after your procedure, as you adapt to your new and improved body, Dr. Emer and his staff will closely monitor your progress and accelerate your recovery process with lymphatic massage, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, external shock therapy, radiofrequency treatments, specialized compression garments, nutritional supplements, skin care treatments, and expert guidance on diet and exercise. For those patients who previously had liposuction procedures with changes in skin coloration, Dr. Emer may recommend mesotherapy and specific laser treatments to break up the pigmentation, reduce inflammation, and smooth out the tissue.

If weight loss is required prior to Hi-Def Liposculpture, Dr. Emer’s personal trainers and advanced weight loss techniques can assist with your preparation for surgery and further improve your outcome once the procedure is completed.