Ian Cheek And Jawline Filler Male Facial Sculpting

If you’re looking to enhance your features and do not want an invasive surgical procedure like a facelift or facial implants, there are several synthetic dermal fillers on the market with long-lasting effects like #Radiesse. The calcium-based injectable is composed of microspheres suspended in a sugar-based gel, making it much more dense than common dermal fillers, which are typically made of soft hyaluronic acid. This technology allows the injector to immediately lift areas of the face and volumize larger ares of volume loss such as the like the nasolabial folds and cheeks. Masculinization often encompasses a very strong lower face with width and contour to the jawline and chin. Using a filler with structure and the ability to shape like Radiesse, allows for the injector to get subtle improvements in volume but amazing contouring and feature enhancement. @NurseRevay is seen here giving this younger male patient a more sculpted cheek which improves the lower eyes and nasolabial folds, while also projecting the jawline and chin to give him a very square and defined masculine jawline to balance his lifted cheeks.