Iris Cheek, Chin, Lip Filler Female Facial Sculpting

Because women often look most feminine with heart-shaped faces, I see a lot of female patients with round faces wanting a more narrow and contoured appearance. Heart-shaped faces typically have cheeks that are full and round anteriorly with subtle projection and definition in the lower face. Dermal fillers can be used to enhance specific features like the cheeks, temples, chin and jawline to feminize and balance the overall look. Subtle injections placed deep onto the cheek bone will lift the mid-face to give the contoured or angled look that makeup artists and beauty bloggers create using cosmetics. To balance the newly sculpted definition of the cheekbones, micro-droplets of filler is used to give elevation and projection to the chin that helps create the illusion of a heart-shaped face. A small amount of Juvederm Vollure completes the total #FaceByEmer transformation by enhancing her natural lip shape with just a little bit of volume to give even more proportional harmony to her sculpted appearance.