Dominic Guidry

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Dominic has always been a fit, athletic man. Despite going to the gym and trying to adhere to a healthy diet as much as possible, he couldn’t seem to get rid of the stubborn fat in his lower abdomen. His chest had begun to droop and develop puffiness, his arms had no definition and lacked a V taper. This started to affect his confidence, and he wasn’t feeling comfortable in his body anymore. Dr. Jason Emer — a leading expert in high-definition liposculpture, treated his stubborn fat areas, sculpted out the muscle, and gave him a lot of definition in key areas such as the arms, chest, abs, and buttock. He came to Dr. Emer for his cutting-edge techniques and the combinational use of his innovative modalities to have a complete, life-long body transformation that he will maintain with rigorous exercise and a healthy diet.