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Buttock implants are designed to augment the gluteal muscles to help you achieve your ideal body contours and proportions. Board-certified dermatologist and body sculpting expert Dr. Jason Emer provides several treatment options for buttock augmentation at his West Hollywood medical practice, including buttock implants.

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Buttock implants are a type of muscle implant that can reshape, re-contour, and increase the size of the buttocks. Buttock implants are made of a specialized type of soft, solid silicone to provide long-term, natural-looking enhancement.

For patients who desire buttock implants, Dr. Emer works with his team of experienced, talented plastic surgeons to provide the best buttock augmentation in Beverly Hills. Dr. Emer and his team work closely with each patient to select the ideal implant shape and size.

Butt implants are available in round and oval shapes and in a variety of sizes. Dr. Emer and his plastic surgeons can also custom-design butt implants for patients with highly specific treatment goals.

The maximum size (amount of projection) you can achieve with butt implants will depend on your gluteal muscle structure. The plastic surgeon will measure your gluteal muscles and assess the density of the muscles in order to determine a safe, aesthetic implant size for your body.



The best way to find out if buttock implants are right for you is to schedule a consultation with a body sculpting expert like Dr. Emer. After assessing your cosmetic concerns and talking with you about your medical history and desired outcome, Dr. Emer can determine the optimal treatment approach for your buttock augmentation.

You may be a good candidate for buttock implants if:

  • You want to significantly increase the size of your buttocks.
  • You want to resolve asymmetry in the buttocks.
  • You desire a specific buttock shape or contour.
  • You have been unable to achieve your desired buttock shape by working out.
  • You have age-related volume loss in the buttocks.
  • You are free of any medical conditions that interfere with healing.
  • You have realistic goals for the procedure.


Your buttock implant surgery will be performed in an accredited hospital. The procedure typically takes about two hours and involves the following steps:


General anesthesia or intravenous sedation can be used to keep you comfortable throughout the surgery. Prior to your procedure, the plastic surgeon will explain both options and help you choose the best method for you.


The next step is to make the necessary incisions. Based on your anatomy and aesthetic goals, the plastic surgeon will choose from several incision locations. He or she may make one incision in the crease of the buttocks; an incision on each lower buttock where the “cheeks” meet the thighs; or an incision at the top of each upper buttock.


Once the incision(s) have been made, the plastic surgeon will insert the buttock implants. Buttock implants can be placed within the muscle or on top of the muscle, depending on what is best for you. Intramuscular placement is more common, as it tends to provide longer-lasting, more predictable, and more natural-looking results.


The plastic surgeon will place layers of sutures within the tissue of the buttocks to close the incisions and will close the skin with surgical tape or additional sutures.


Most patients can return home the same day as a buttock implant surgery. However, prior to your surgery, you will need to arrange for someone to pick you up after the procedure. Due to the effects of the anesthesia and post-operative restrictions on your physical activities, you will not be able to drive yourself.
It is critical that you adhere to all post-surgery instructions to avoid complications and support the healing process. Butt implant recovery will require a week or two of downtime and time off work. If your job is physically demanding, you may need to take three to four weeks off.

The first two weeks of your recovery will be the most challenging, as you will not be able to sit on the buttocks. This important restriction protects the incision sites and helps to ensure that the implants do not move out of their ideal positions.

Tenderness, swelling, and tightness are common during the first two weeks of your recovery, as well. Prescription medication may be prescribed to help you manage any discomfort.

After one or two weeks, Dr. Emer will assess your healing progress and provide personalized guidance for gradually resuming your normal activities. Your recovery timeline will be unique to your body, but most patients can return to their full routine, including exercise, after about six weeks.


Your fuller butt will be noticeable right away. However, you won’t see your final results until about three to six months after your buttock implant surgery, once the area has fully healed.

Buttock implants can provide permanent gluteal augmentation. Since the natural aging process can affect the buttock contours, Dr. Emer will advise you regarding non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments that can help you maintain firm, lifted buttocks long-term.



Patient is late 20s and primary case
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Dr. Emer is a body contouring expert who often combines treatments to ensure that his patients achieve their unique aesthetic goals. Depending on your anatomy, skin quality, and desired contours, he may recommend combining buttock implant surgery with:


If you have excess fat in the buttocks that causes an undesired shape, Dr. Emer can perform liposuction to permanently remove the unwanted fat. Eliminating excess fat can enhance your buttock implant results by creating a firmer, rounder, and more toned look.


Dr. Emer provides non-invasive and minimally invasive skin tightening treatments that can address mild to moderate skin laxity in the buttocks. InMode BodyTite and Renuvion use internal heating to instantly tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production long-term.


For patients with considerable sagging or drooping in the buttock area, Dr. Emer’s plastic surgeons can perform a butt lift procedure. A surgical butt lift allows the plastic surgeon to remove excess skin and reposition the buttock tissue to achieve more youthful, lifted contours.



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While buttock implants can deliver the most dramatic augmentation results, they aren’t right for everyone. Dr. Emer provides less-invasive, alternative buttock augmentation treatments for patients who:

  • Desire a moderate volume increase
  • Prefer not to undergo plastic surgery
  • Are not good candidates for buttock implants

Dr. Emer is an expert at non-surgical body sculpting and has helped many patients in Beverly Hills achieve their ideal buttock contours with minimally invasive procedures. His non-surgical buttock augmentation protocols may include one or more of the following:

The highly popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure repurposes unwanted fat from other areas of the body to increase volume in the buttocks.

First, Dr. Emer harvests fat from an area of the body where you have unwanted fat. Common fat removal sites include the abdomen, thighs, and hips.

Dr. Emer uses advanced purification and enrichment processes to ensure the most viable fat for your injections. He then strategically injects the optimized fat to reshape and augment the buttocks. Fat grafting can provide permanent buttock augmentation results that you can build on, if desired, with additional fat injections.

Sculptra is an injectable dermal filler made of poly-L-lactic acid. In addition to adding volume, Sculptra increases the body’s production of collagen to provide further enhancement and long-term improvements in skin tone. Dr. Emer often pairs Sculptra with fat grafting for optimal results.

truSculpt FLEX is a non-invasive, no-downtime treatment that can create a fuller, rounder, and more lifted butt by building the gluteal muscles. truSculpt FLEX stimulates intense muscle contractions that build strength and increase muscle mass.

A series of truSculpt FLEX sessions is typically needed to achieve maximum results. Final results can be expected within about eight to twelve weeks after the last truSculpt FLEX session of your treatment protocol.


The cost of buttock implant surgery varies based on the specific details of each procedure. Once the plastic surgeon has finalized your implant selection and planned your surgery, you will receive detailed pricing information.


To find out if butt implants are right for you, contact our West Hollywood office to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve your ideal body contours!