Surgical Body Contouring & Revision Procedures

Surgical Body Contouring - Jason Emer MD
Surgical Body Contouring

As opposed to non-surgical body contouring—one of Dr. Emer’s unique specialties—surgical body contouring typically involves a more advanced or complex procedure, either due to major weight loss, significant skin laxity, botched procedures or irregularities. Assisted by his skilled team of plastic surgeons, Dr. Emer begins the procedure with water-assisted and ultrasound-assisted Hi-Definition Liposuction to remove and harvest excess fat while beginning to sculpt, shape and contour the body’s new, smaller shape. Based on each patient’s assessment and individual needs, surgical body contouring may or may not include a face or neck lift, breast lift or augmentation, tummy tuck, lower body lift, thigh lift, arm lift, and/or skin removal. Dr. Emer often complements these surgical procedures with minimally and non-invasive energy-based treatments to improve the results achieved in surgery.

Surgical body contouring is a long-term process with a critical, custom-tailored treatment plan to obtain a new and improved, contoured, and harmonious appearance.