Surgical Lip Lift

As we age, the distance between our upper lip and our nose naturally increases due to volume loss in our face and lips. A long-term solution for reducing the length of this gap—which is incredibly beneficial for patients with no upper lip or a “disappearing” upper lip—is a Surgical Lip Lift procedure. Using the bullhorn technique, Dr. Emer and his expert plastic surgeons remove a small strip of skin close to the nose, thereby reducing any visible scarring, and then raise and suture the skin to provide an instant lift. Significant results are achieved in a single procedure with only a few centimeters of skin removed.

Performing nonsurgical facial sculpting and enhancements, as well as custom combination techniques, Dr. Emer often complements the Surgical Lip Lift with ultrasound energy-based Ultherapy on the upper lip to assist with skin tightening. Injectable fillers and dissolvable NovaThreads are also used to rejuvenate, volumize, lift, shape, and contour the lips.