Thigh Lift & Tightening

For patients with significant skin sagging in the inner or outer thigh, a Thighplasty (or Thigh Lift) can provide surgical skin removal and lifting, thereby reducing any skin laxity. Dr. Emer and his trusted plastic surgeons do everything possible to avoid long, unsightly incisions with a multi-modality approach to Thigh Lifts. In many cases, Dr. Emer begins with Hi-Definition Liposuction to remove excess fat, reduce the volume of the thighs, and create a more sculpted, contoured and balanced shape. Following the fat removal procedure, Dr. Emer employs internal radiofrequency (RF) heating to “shrink wrap” the skin and improve the overall texture of the treated area. At this point, one of Dr. Emer’s skilled surgeons intervenes to surgically remove any loose skin. In some instances, only a small, hidden incision, tucked in the crease of the groin and buttock roll, is necessary to tighten and lift the middle thigh and buttock crease. Using this spiral lift technique, Dr. Emer’s team provides long-term lifting, visible skin tightening, and wrinkle and cellulite reduction in a single treatment. In the case of more significant sagging, a longer incision down the inner thigh or around the upper thigh may be required; however, meticulous suturing, as well as a combination of fat removal and skin tightening procedures, can give the leg a newfound contour while limiting scarring.

To ensure continued improvement after surgery, Thigh Lift patients typically follow a custom-tailored annual maintenance plan, including external, nonsurgical RF and ultrasound skin tightening treatments as well as regular Sculptra injections to maintain excellent collagen production.